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About Otis

About OtisHello. My name is Otis and it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m an online entrepreneur

working in the minimum wage niche. I’ve been working online just over a year now

and love the free time I have to do whatever I want. Although I’ve only been working

online a year, I have been trying to create a successful business online forever. Trying

to get rich online and buy rich people houses has always been a dream of mine and it

takes hard work and dedication to get there.


Over the past eight years, it has been a journey and I have lost way too much money

trying to find out how I can make money from home. As if there is anything to lose on a minimum wage budget. Living

paycheck to paycheck. Getting loans I knew I couldn’t pay back and putting myself further in debt. Always wondering

how I was going to provide for a family that was depending on me, the man of the house, to make it happen. I built this

website to help people who are earning minimum wage, less than and more than, learn how to create a successful

business online. To help people get out of the nine to five work life and take control of their financial future. To show

them how to make an honest living from home. Remember, all I can do is show you how you can make a living at home.

You would have to take action to make this work for you. I feel this site will grow quickly allowing me to help a number

of people get out of the minimum wage bracket and finally enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.




First, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a thirty-four year old country boy raised in the Mississippi Delta. Known

mostly for its fertile flatland and some great Blues artists. Three things for sure, the Blues will be playing somewhere,

you will get bitten by a mosquito or three, and last but not least, you will NOT go hungry. Some of the best Soul

Food you could ever have. Collard greens, sweet potatoes, cornbread, baked roast with mashed potatoes and brown

gravy. Can’t leave out the BBQ chicken and ribs, pulled pork, peach cobbler, banana pudding, caramel cake and etc. I

would go on but I’m making myself hungry.


I’ve been married going on four years now. I have a beautiful, lovely wife and two lovely children. My wife and I both

graduated from Mississippi State University(GO DAWGS!!!). I have a B.S. degree in Information Technology Services

and a minor in Business Administration. Neither of which I am using right now. I was working for a pharmacy, which I

can’t name due to restrictions, earning just above minimum wage. I used to always think to myself, there has to be a

better way. There has to be. I was always tired. Never had enough energy to do anything besides rest on my day off. I’ve

been on the internet trying all these so called step by step programs promising to make money quickly only to get

broken promises and no money for the past eight years. I was determined that I would find a breakthrough and

suddenly one day, I did. I had finally found the program that I had been looking for. It showed me, literally, step by

step how to create a successful business online. Not only this, they supported me through the whole process. To help

me create and sustain a successful and profitable business online, I am truly thankful and grateful.




I want to help as many people as I possibly can get to where they want to be because I was helped to get to where I am.

I feel it is only right to pay it forward and help someone else if you have received helped. Just imagine if we all helped

someone live the life they want to live and they helped someone live the life they want to live and so on. Eventually,

everyone could live the life they want to live. Now wouldn’t that be great!!!




The purpose of this site is to help inspire and motivate people who are earning minimum wage, below or above, take

action TODAY to gain control of their financial future. The one most important thing you can do to take control of your

financial future is to take action today. Don’t put off on tomorrow what can be done today. I suggest you Take action TODAY.

All the best,